How to Plan a Penguin Party Theme

Let’s get together and Party like a Penguin.

Are you planning a penguin party theme?  Here are some awesome ideas for planning, decorating, food, music, entertainment, games, and having fun at your Penguin Party.

The party can be held indoors or outdoors any time of year, even a winter snow party. Just imagine building some igloos in the snow to play in. Your decorations can be made by combining ready-made items and DIY. The colors are simple: use black, white, and orange.

Start early with organizing and planning your party. Make a checklist as you read through this article about what you want to have for your party.

Step One: The Penguin Party Invitation

Plan a date and time for your party. Send out your invitations 2 -3 weeks before the event. Create a simple invitation to send in the mail or via email. You can make the invitation with simple black, white, and orange paper. Use a free online program such as Canva to make your virtual invitation.  Include the date, time, dress code, and any special notes you want to tell your guests.

Invite your guests to dress as a Penguin for a bit of fun. Ask your guests to dress in black, white, and orange. Have a prize for the best-dressed penguin.

Ask the younger guests if they would like to bring their favorite Penguin toy to join the party—the more the merrier.

Step Two: Create Fun Name Tags

Create cute Penguin name tags for each guest to wear. A few of our favorite names are Snowy, IcePop, Candy Cane, Cleo, Arctic, Snowball, Flippers, Rico, and Skipper. Have your guest pick their favorite name or use one of the above.

If you would like, you can print the photo below and cut it into squares to use as name tags.

Name Tags for Penguin Party

Step 3: Decorations and Table Ware

Banners add fun to the party room. They create a party atmosphere and are easy to hang. You can create your banner with some string or yarn. Cut out some penguin shapes from black and white paper and attach it to your yarn. You can find some ready-made banners at the bottom of this page for those who aren’t as crafty.

Don’t forget to decorate your plates, cups, tablecloth, and centerpiece. It is easy to find white paper plates and just some shapes to make penguin faces or use black and white plates and napkins. For more decorating ideas, check out our Penguin Page on Pinterest.

Step 4: Make Some Penguin Treats

Here are some fun Penguin treats that we found on Pinterest. Marshmallow Penguins, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry Penguins, Oreo Penguins, Banana dipped in chocolate, and even how to make a Penguin cake. Children can help make these fun treats, especially by dipping the bananas in chocolate.

Penguin Treats

This yummiest appetizer will not last long. Olives stuffed with cream cheese and a little bit of carrot for the beak and feet. They are almost too cute to eat.

Step 5: Plan Some Games

Penguin Trivia Game

A fun game to play is Penguin Trivia Facts. Ask 20 Penguin trivia questions, and the person who answers the most questions correctly wins. Here are 15 fun penguin trivia facts to use.

  1. How many species of penguins are there?
  2. Are Penguins birds?
  3. Where do most of the Penguins in the world live?
  4. Do Penguins have teeth?
  5. How fast can a Penguin swim?
  6. What is countershading?
  7. Can Penguins see underwater?
  8. Which species of Penguins is the largest?
  9. Which species of Penguins is the smallest?
  10. How long does a male Emperor Penguin incubate eggs?
  11. Name three countries where Penguins live.
  12. Do Penguins live at the North Pole?
  13. How long do penguins live on land and water?
  14. How long can an Emperor Penguin stay underwater?
  15. Which species of Penguins is the second largest?

For the answers above, see Fun Penguin Facts.

Penguin Letters Word Game

Have all of your guests sit in a circle. Start with one person and take turns going clockwise. Each person takes a turn to create a word using the letters in Penguin. The first person must say a word that starts with a P, the second person must say a word that starts with an E, and the third person must say a word that starts with an N. After you reach the last N in penguin, the next person must think of a word that starts with a P and continue using all the letters again. No word can be used twice. When guests cannot think of a word, they are out of the game. The winner is the last person remaining.

Step 6: Play Penguin Movies

Of course, you don’t have a party and invite guests to watch movies. But playing a Penguin documentary on a big screen TV with the sound off can add some fun. After all, inviting some real penguins to your party would be best. My favorite is DisneyNature’s “Penguins.” What is your favorite Penguin movie?

Step 7: The Penguin Dance

Break out the music and dance like a penguin if you have a large enough area. The music from Madagascar really will get things hopping. Your party is one of celebration and one that you want to be memorable, so get the party going with a bit of dance. Penguins are natural-born dancers, and when their moves are put to music, magic happens. They like to waddle and flap their flippers. Let’s celebrate and dance like a Penguin.

Step 8: The Best Penguin Present Ever

The Perfect Penguin present –  in honor of your party, adopt a Penguin at your local zoo or the World Wildlife Organization.

Step 9: Order Your Party Supplies

6 thoughts on “How to Plan a Penguin Party Theme”

  1. Penguin Party theme? Never heard of this one before. Can these parties come out great in Africa as well? Or in certain artic regions only? I do love the penguins and it would be amazing to host such parties. My daughter would surely love decorating and I would be in charge of inviting the guests.

    • Yes, you can host a penguin theme party in Africa. It would make a memorable party for your daughter and her friends. Both grownups and children would have fun.

  2. Oh my! This is really awesome and it really feels like one thing I would love to get into myself. Well, I have actually attended a party organized almost replicating this before but it was really flawed in so many ways. So, having something like a penguin as a theme for a party would totally be unique and fun. I love this a lot and probably we can work toward the end of the year for this.

    • I think a Penguin would be easy to plan and host. I hope you get a chance to have a Penguin theme party by the end of the year. It is fun for adults and children.

  3. I absolutely love this idea for a party. We have watched Happy Feet many times and it gets better each time! My grandson and I watched the video on making the black olive penguins and we were literally salivating! My grandson was looking all around the house trying to find olives and carrots and cream cheese.

    My grandson was wondering about buying the supplies to make them… I guess he wanted to order the supplies online since we couldn’t find any of the ingredients in the house! LOL

    The penguin party theme sounds like a lot of fun. Where do you get your ideas? They are amazing!!

    • My granddaughter loves penguins too and she inspired this site. She helps to get the articles started and then they just seem to grow.

      I enjoyed watching the videos myself and doing a little dance every time I watch “Celebrate.”

      I hope your grandson gets a chance to make the black olives penguins. He may even want you to plan a penguin party. 


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