Hi, my name is Presley and I’m here to share with you my love for penguins.

I fell in love with penguins when I was two, my family takes a lot of visits to the zoo and one day when I was two years old I just stopped and stared at the penguins and watched them play and run around for almost three hours straight.  Ever since then I just grew this strong love and passion towards penguins.

My whole room turned into penguins, I started watching videos of penguins and reading articles about penguins ever since I could read. If you have a question about penguins I probably know the answer, I have hundreds of papers just filled with penguin facts.

I don’t really know the reason I have this fascination with penguins I just do, everything about penguins is interesting to me.  Like how many different species there are, which is 17 by the way, and how they can’t fly even though their birds, just everything you could imagine about penguins is super fascinating to me.

I’ve always wanted to have a penguin, it was my dream, my goal, it’s just what I wanted.

Obviously I knew it wasn’t possible to have a penguin living in my house, but one day I found out that I was adopting a penguin. At first, I was like there’s no way that a penguin can live in our house, but that wasn’t the situation at all.  I was adopting a penguin at the zoo. How that works is you buy a sponsorship every year and that helps pay to take care of a penguin.  As in getting its food, buying it treats, all that kind of stuff. Once you adopt a penguin that’s your penguin that nobody else can adopt. I adopted a macaroni penguin named Hazel.  When I visit the zoo I can go and see her, it’s pretty cool if you ask me.

So that’s my story of how I became obsessed with penguins.